• Dragonflies

    Custom Made Wooden Art Iguana Art & Design

    There is a specific need that plagues me, which I can never seem to satisfy. I’m constantly shopping for and storing salvaged items to use as art.  I visited a local thrift store one day where an oak coffee table kind of yelled at me…”TAKE ME HOME!” At the time I remember thinking, “Wow that’s really unusual for a coffee table to say something like that”, so I bought it and stored it away for some future project not yet known.  Then one day I saw a picture of a dragonfly and the proverbial lights turned on.

    I used those four table legs for the body of the dragonflies and about a month ago I started 20 new sets of wings anticipating future conversations with some new table friends. I used old light bulbs, wine corks for eyes, antique typewriter keys for antennas, wood moldings, door knobs, multiple layers of paint, and everything seemed to work. I love it when I can find an outlet. It always provides a little relief for my salvaged items plague.

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  • Birdhouses

    Designer Birdhouse Iguana Art & Design

    Our birdhouses are all one of a kind. If however you see a photo of one that appeals to your feathered instincts, we will recreate it for you. Because of their unique nature, just like our log benches, these also sell out fast at art shows and festivals. They are finished in a very durable varnish that will slowly age like all bird lovers… to perfection!

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  • Benches

    Custom Made Furniture

    Our log benches have always sold well at art festivals. I try to keep as much of the original character of each log as is possible. We never peel or turn our logs. All of the knots and bark that can be left in place then become highlights, which adds to that “one of a kind” look. They are used both indoors and as an accent piece outside in gardens, on patios, and decks.  I’ve had one on my front porch since 2005 and it has weathered and aged beautifully. I haven’t refinished it and won’t now, because the silver aging looks better with each new season!

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