Hampton Victorian Fireplace Mantel Iguana Art & Design

A more traditional look at a lower price. One day, about 15 years ago, I walked past a very similar mantel design in a Victorian home in the avenues of Salt Lake City, Utah. I feel in love with its look, and made some mental notes, then went straight back to the studio and sketched out a version of what I remembered.  Half Craftsman, half Victorian, it has again that turn of the century look and feel that I’m so fond of. The posts for the mantel are turned one at a time full length, then split in half and placed on the leg facings. There is reverse look inherent with the Craftsman era that most never notice. The top flat portion of the post is taller than the bottom portion. Modern mantel designs are just the opposite having the larger pieces at the bottom. I love this stuff… can you tell?

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