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There is a specific need that plagues me, which I can never seem to satisfy. I’m constantly shopping for and storing salvaged items to use as art.  I visited a local thrift store one day where an oak coffee table kind of yelled at me…”TAKE ME HOME!” At the time I remember thinking, “Wow that’s really unusual for a coffee table to say something like that”, so I bought it and stored it away for some future project not yet known.  Then one day I saw a picture of a dragonfly and the proverbial lights turned on.

I used those four table legs for the body of the dragonflies and about a month ago I started 20 new sets of wings anticipating future conversations with some new table friends. I used old light bulbs, wine corks for eyes, antique typewriter keys for antennas, wood moldings, door knobs, multiple layers of paint, and everything seemed to work. I love it when I can find an outlet. It always provides a little relief for my salvaged items plague.

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