Customer Installed Our Durango Mantel With Our Simple Install Kit

Installation Kit for Fireplace Mantel

Did you know that each one of our fireplace mantels ships with a simple installation kit?

Hanging a mantel can seem like a daunting task especially when you are dealing with a brick fireplace. However, with our installation kit, your fireplace mantel can be hung in a matter of minutes.

A great example is this Durango mantel that was recently installed by a customer.

Here is what he had to say about the experience:

Hi John,

Just wanted to say thanks for the nice work on the mantel!  Got it installed today and it was a cinch. Looks great!  The install bracket was a very nice, simple solution to what could have been a complex problem and allowed us to get it installed pretty easy and also centered on the fireplace.  Good stuff.



It is always nice to get great feedback from clients and an even greater to know that easy installation kits work as intended.

For more information on how our installation kits work click here.

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