• Manchester

    Iguana Art & Design

    Our Manchester mantel has a very unique look. The photos show this made in Oak with a traditional cherry brown stain. People are more familiar with Oak and it’s graining than probably all of the other available woods combined. Oak is in my opinion the most traditional material for anything wood. We can make all of our mantels in any wood you can imagine…and have. Oak takes on an older type of appeal, like a Stickley rocking chair when it’s treated with a darker stain.

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  • Antique

    Antique Fireplace Mantal Iguana Art & Design

    The Antique model is quite similar to our our Alpine model. The difference here is that the Antique has been hand worn down to give it that aged and classic look. This model has been a customer favorite for over two decades.

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  • Alta

    Alta Fireplace Mantel Iguana Art & Design

    The mantel featured here is a brand new Alta model. This mantel has a classic feel and it is by far our most versatile mantel. We’re able to make this mantel out of multiple wood choices, any finish color desired, and in any size specified to fit your particular needs.

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  • Alpine

    Alpine Fireplace Mantel Iguana Art & Design

    The Alpine model is one of our favorite and most traditional looking mantels that we make. It is made using aged Oak and can be finished in a variety of colors.

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